Artist : Ringo Starr - Bamboula
Title : RingoStarr
Duration : 03:21
View : 27.5K
Source : Youtube
Type of file : Audio/Video (.mp3 .mp4)

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Lirik Ringo Starr - Bamboula

On an old cot bay from around the lake
My baby said to me
This ain’t no time
For any nickel and dime
Or a wasted memory
So you all gather round and about the town
And it sounds like history
And our rhythm is great
It’s on the way
That brought you back to me

He cool you
Can't fool you, Bamboula

Down in Congo square
Not so long ago
A creole beat would play
And an old court room in a big bad moon
Would dine on end
The days go rumble in a mumble jumbo way
Sweet heart dear whit her hear real
You play each day

I’m calling
You owe it
You all in


With a creole girl
And a cranberry lane
Taking all my breath away
With every little age delayed
Feeling also

There’s no time to hesitate
Let us keep it straight
Never separate
This is not to intervene

Engagin’ the raging
It’s cagin’
Engagin’ the raging
It’s cagin’

I’m calling
You all in
I’m calling
You all in
I’m calling
You all in